Un été comme ça

That Kind of Summer

Denis Côté








Larissa Corriveau, Laure Giappiconi, Aude Mathieu, Samir Guesmi, Anne Ratte Polle

Invited to a rest home to explore their sexual issues, three women spend their days and nights trying to tame their inner demons. Under the detached supervision of a German therapist and a considerate social worker, the group attempts to maintain a delicate balance. For the young Geisha, somber Léonie and unpredictable Eugénie, it’s a chance to get away from the noise, to engage with the present, and think about the future.

Unlike any other proponent of contemporary cinema, Denis Côté succeeds in creating dynamic cinematic spaces (sets, settings, constellations) in which experiences (psychological, physical, intellectual) may be seen as a game and, precisely because of this, can be used to pursue reality. Sometimes at a discreet distance, at others transgressively close, the camera swirls around the protagonists in this dance of trauma and lust. Norms are deconstructed, the present becomes tangible and the future conceivable. Cinema is – vibration

Berlinale 2022

WP Berlinale 2022 - Competition
IFF Uruguay
Transilvania IFF
New Horizons IFF
Sicilia Queer
Hong Kong IFF
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