L'Héroïque Lande, la frontière brûle

The Wild Frontier

Nicolas Klotz, Élisabeth Perceval







Winter 2016. The Calais Jungle is a growing city of about 12 000. In the early spring, the Southern zone, its shops, streets and houses, are completely destroyed. Its expelled population move their houses to the Northern zone to find shelter and keep on living. In the fall, the France organizes the permanent dismantling of the Jungle. But the Jungle is a mutating territory, a world-city, a city of the future: even destroyed, it always rises from its ashes. Shot with young people trapped in the turmoil of wars, police violence, and their attempts at crossing the border to get to England, The Wild Frontier could be a forgotten episode of Homer’s Odyssey.
World premiere – 28th FID Marseille - International Competition – French Institute Prize - Special Mention