Chienne de rouge


Yamina Zoutat






Switzerland, France

One morning, a woman wakes up with the desire to film blood. In her city of Paris, she encounters a blood conveyor, a medical transplanter, a “chimera”… Then she remembers a trial she covered, a long time ago. The contaminated blood case. In the meantime, in the depths of a forest, a bloodhound tracks a prey. Produced by Close Up Films, in co-production with Les Films d'Ici.

[…] It is the whole of humanity that speaks in Bloodhound, from the point of view of a woman determined to journey on freely

Olivia Cooper-Hadjian for Cinéma du Réel

In the making of this film, I discovered how much of a taboo blood is. I had not noticed until then because, as a woman, I have this familiarity with blood. So I came to grips with this taboo: what can one show? What should one show? How much can one see ?

Yamina Zoutat

An intense and intimate film, mysterious, stopping at nothing just like a hound after its prey


Cinéma du Réel 2023 - International Competition
Visions du Réel 2023 - National Competition
Documenta Madrid 2023 - Audience Award